HX1080 Hybrid 2+2+2 Channel (SMPTE)


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The HX-1080 Hybrid 2+2+2 Channel (SMPTE)

series HD & SD TV connectors offer a rugged expanded beam connector for hybrid fibre/electrical duty. Backed by more than 25 years experience with expanded beam fibre connector technology, these connectors offer a non contact, easy to clean lensed fibre alternative to traditional broadcast connectivity.
In support of the deployment of HDTV and progressing from the limitations of legacy fibre contacting connector interfaces, Stratos has drawn on its unique experience for the development of the HX-1080 Broadcast Series. With world leading single mode EB optical performance using protected lensed fibres, the Stratos HX-1080 is designed to meet and exceed the generic requirements of the SMPTE specifications.
On cameras at Studio or OB locations, Stratos HX-1080 Series connectors provide a solution that will work first time and every time. Offering unrivalled performance and versatility with low cost de-skilled field re-instatement solutions, and World-Wide support to HX-1080 are now set to become the new bench-mark for hybrid connectors in the challenging Broadcast environment.

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Technical Specification Sheet HX1080 Hybrid 2+2+2 Channel (SMPTE) Datasheet HX1080 Hybrid 2+2+2 Channel (SMPTE) Datasheet
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HX1080 Hybrid 2+2+2 Channel (SMPTE)

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