Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source

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Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source
Cisco Compatible SFP-10G-T-S Vendor Name Fibre Optic Express
Form Type SFP+ Data Rate 10Gbps, 5Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 1000Mbps
Cable Distance Up to 100m* Power Consumption 2.5W
Interface RJ-45 DOM Support No
Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) Protocols MSA Compliant

The KI Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 series Hand Held light Sources

are used with an Optical Power Meter to test loss on single mode and multimode optical fibre systems, at up to 6 wavelengths.
The 2800 series provide excellent stability, and the 2400 series provide exceptional stability with zero warm up.
High productivity, high availability and ease of use combine to achieve superior measurement confidence.
The innovative and unique VisiTester option is helpful for general loss testing, continuity testing & fault finding.
These Autotest sources can be used with any Kingfisher Autotest optical power meter, loss test set or two way tester.

Technical Specification Sheet


• Reliable, rugged, versatile and simple to use
• Up to 6 mixed LED, laser & VFL sources
• Excellent optical power stability
• Excellent re-connection repeatability
• LCD is large, clear, sunlight readable & backlit
• Autotest compatibility with other instruments
• Optical test tone with Multi-Fibre ID function
• VisiTester easily identifies active test channel
• Interchangeable connectors with dust cap / tilt bail
• Multimode sources supplied with mandrel wraps
• KI 2400 series is ultra-stable with zero warm up
• 3 ~ 7 Year warranty
• 3 year calibration cycle
• Australian Made


• Singlemode fibre testing
• Multimode fibre testing
• Mixed mode fibre testing
• Encircled flux compliant MMF testing


See datasheet for technical specifications.


Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source
Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source Datasheet Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source Datasheet Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source Datasheet
Product User Guide
Kingfisher 2400 / 2800 Series Hand Held Light Source

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