Mini Single/Multimode 2 & 4 Channel


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(Mini Single/Multimode 2 & 4 Channel)

Fibreco Mini expanded beam fibre optic connectors have been designed for use in the most demanding harsh environment applications including military tactical communications, outside broadcast, petrochemical plant, mining, and offshore systems.
The Fibreco Mini expanded beam plug connector has a diameter of just 21mm making it ideal for applications where size and space requirements are critical. The Mini bulkhead connector is available with D-hole, square-flange and XLR mounting options. Low profile versions are also available.
Fibreco Mini expanded beam connectors offer a cost effective high performing, compact and flexible solution that is proven in the toughest environments and is the solution for mission critical communications.

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Mini Single/Multimode 2 & 4 Channel
Technical Specification Sheet Mini Single/Multimode 2 & 4 Channel Datasheet Mini Single/Multimode 2 & 4 Channel Datasheet
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Mini Single/Multimode 2 & 4 Channel

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