Generic Single Fibre Cleavers


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Fibre Optic Systems range of generic fibre cleavers offer a cost effective alternative particularly suited those only performing a limited number of splices or performing maintenance on small fibre networks. Despite their lower cost, these cleavers offer excellent results and with adequate maintenance, can offer a long life of quality cleaving.Fibre cleavers are used to prepare fibre for fusion splicing or termination with mechanical quick connectors. Fibre cleavers offer a consistent flat cleave of the fibre to allow for low attenuation splicing or termination. With the rigorous requirements of modern day fibre optic technology, ensuring your fibre is adequately cleaved is critical to the performance and longevity of your network.


• Precision single fibre cleaving
• Precision cleaver prevents double scoring of fibres
• Automatic fibre scrap collection
• Blade height and rotational adjustment positions


• 125um cladding diameter precision fibre cleaving
• Suits 250um or 900um buffered fibre
• Suitable for preparing fibres for mechanical termination

Additional information

Weight .500 kg

CLV-100A, HW-08C


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